Minecraft sound mod

Ambient Sounds Mod for Minecraft 1. Ambient Sounds is an absolutely spectacular mod that makes the world of Minecraft minecraft sound mod much more lively and immersive.

Exploring the game world of Minecraft is a delightful activity because the game is filled to the brim with many great sights to see but, as amazing as the game world is, it feels a tad bit dull and stale at times, and this can take away from the experience a bit. The Ambient Sounds mod basically implements a whole bunch of minor sound effects into the game that keep playing in the background. The best part about this mod is the fact that it’s very in-depth and it adds a variety of different sound effects for each individual biome. For example, when exploring grassy biomes, you’ll hear the sounds of crickets, birds and various other creatures that one would generally encounter in a forest. It’s important to keep in mind that the Ambient Sounds mod came out fairly recently and while it supports a pretty significant amount of biomes, it doesn’t support all of them.