Minecraft ftb servers no whitelist

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17 TCU: Longhorns snap four-game losing skid vs. 3 key matchups: What to watch for in Cowboys vs. A performance upgrade for the crafting table. Fixed an incorrect dimension ID being used for maps.

Fixed vanilla crash classes not being preloaded. This fixes classes not being aggregated for mods using the new annotation cache. Prevented various vanilla blocks from loading unloaded chunks. Improved how smooth lighting code handles translucency.

Fixed: Prevented inventory cache from deviating from the actual inventory. Fixed: The mod now uses cached tooltip for search, only copies a matching result for the view afterwards. Fixed: Limited patterns without substitute to precise operations. No changelog was provided by the mod author. Fixed not being able to make wine or liqueur. Fixed the Acclimated bee crashing the game.

Fixed Embittered bees refusing to work in the nether. Fixed the «Unable to resolve texture due to upward reference» warning at startup. Fixed frames in Frame Housing disappearing after relogging. Minor code cleanup: suppressed some deprecation warnings. Fixed decorative blocks to have consistent texture rotation on all sides. Added smelting recipes for gem ore blocks. Added biome dictionary tags for the Alps Foothills.