Minecraft cool easy things to build

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I normally play the Feed The Beast version with the boy, but we went back to vanilla Minecraft recently to try it out since it has loads of new updates! One of my first vanilla projects was to make a pretty medieval style house — I’ve always wanted one. Once I started building it I realized it was also the perfect size for everything I needed. Years ago when I first started playing, I’d either use a town as a base or build multiple structures to house everything but this house solves all those problems.

NOW IT’S ALL IN ONE PLACE AND SEXY AS ALL GET OUT. I’ve got another version of this medieval house on the survival world the boy and I have been playing — it took maybe a day to build in survival. I really suggest doing this one in creative — it took only two hours that way! If you’ve got an older computer that has a hard time with 64x, I highly recommend Dokucraft — it comes in lots of flavors and it’s gorgeous even at 16x and 32x. Here are the blocks I used for this house, broken up by area — just to give you an idea of all the things you need to gather if you build it in survival.