Minecraft antvenom custom maps

10 Minecraft antvenom custom maps You Don’t Know About MCPE 1. This map was created to showcase some features of the game which otherwise likely would have gone unseen.

By looking at the world settings it doesn’t appear to use any custom resource packs or behavior packs, so it does seem legit. There are lots of different features included in the map such as new blocks, particles and cool tricks. Hard to explore with the insane and uncontrollable amount of speed that I can’t remove. And Because I Want The ZIP.

This is the most confusing map I’ve ever played. Please make this more intelligible, I can barely read and understand anything it says. How do you get the secret spawn eggs? THIS APP IS supper nice thumbs up. Wow giving your own map a rating.

Also it makes no sense at all. You need to organize it better. And most of the signs and stuff dont make sense either. Also you dont explain how to do most things. What is the anti fire and how do you get it? Tell the command of enchanting items on this level please!