Minecraft 9 diamond seed

Tired of spending all day mining dirt, with little to no reward? Then check out this minecraft 9 diamond seed minecraft seed, that will make you rich with minimal effort. The village in this seed must have pretty been busy, because inside their blacksmith is a chest, with a total of 9 diamonds inside!

That’s not the only cool thing about this seed though, as it also has a Desert Temple right next to the village. Time to call Indiana Jones again! This seed works for minecraft version: 1. 3 emerald in temple this place is RICH! And when I went mining under the village, I fond 96 iron ingots in a chest in a dungeon!

Desert is right in front of you and the village and temple are to the right. Village doesn’t have much but the temple is nice. 2, go right and you will find a ground level spawner sinked into the sand. 3, efficiency 3, and unbreaking 3. There was a cave with over 100 iron ore though and I spawned right near it! Using this seed, I got farther than I ever had with mining, even WITH MODS!