Hacked minecraft client

Inventory Pets Mod for Minecraft 1. With this plugin, you can get your hands on pets that remain a part of your inventory rather than the hacked minecraft client world.

This allows them to survive where other pets, like wolves, would simply walk off the edges of cliffs and fall to their deaths. In fact, they also allow the holder access to special drops, weapons and other utilities as well. The only thing is they need to be fed and regularly cared for so they will come to like the player and actually offer these bonuses. At this point, the Inventory Pets plugin comes with a total of 42 unique pets, each with their own unique sprite, though it is clear that many of them seem to come from a general template. Not everything about Inventory Pets is good though. For once, when you die, normally your pets would either wait for you where you died or somehow teleport back to your spawn to reunite with you. On the contrary, if you die with an inventory full of pets, they’ll go flying off in all directions, forcing you to return to the place of your death to retrieve them.

If you die in a lava pit or an explosion, that pretty much wipes out all of your pets in a single move as well. Hardcore: Added new Hardcore foods for most remaining pets. Added new messaging for Nether Portal. Added ability to remove Sponge Water Absorb in config. Completely redid how conditional recipes and configs worked in 1. Reworked Sea Caves to fix longstanding Cascading World Gen error.