Clock in minecraft

This article is about a specific category of redstone circuits. A pulse circuit is a redstone circuit which generates, modifies, detects, or otherwise operates on redstone pulses. A pulse is a temporary change in redstone power that eventually reverts to its original state. An on-pulse is when a redstone signal turns clock in minecraft, then off again.

On-pulses are usually just called «pulses» unless there is a need to differentiate them from off-pulses. An off-pulse is when a redstone signal turns off, then on again. The pulse length of a pulse is how long it lasts. 3-tick pulse» for a pulse that turns off 0. A piston or sticky piston usually takes 1. A redstone comparator will not transmit a half-tick pulse, only pulses with durations of 1 tick or more. A redstone lamp can only be deactivated by an off-pulse of minimum 2 ticks.