Cartographer minecraft

Another major update is waiting for fans of dice, and the survival cartographer minecraft developers always listen to the fans, so some changes are made directly from the influence of the player community. We are confident version exactly like it, so get ready to download Minecraft 1. 11 from our website after reading innovations.

The name of the update: The Exploration Update. The new block — Shulker Box. Craft of the two shells and one Shalkera chest. Objects do not fall after the destruction, it can be carried in a backpack.

If you move a piston — flow falls. You can paint with the help of the dye, just maybe 16 different color options. It allows you to determine the change in status of the blocks and give the signal red stone. Ported from the mobile edition of Minecraft, though the work is different in the PC version. It can be used to create a number of new mechanisms, such as sensor detection door opening and the implementation of other mechanisms — the attack distributors. They can be tamed like horses.